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Why a donation is required to become a registered user? Isn't this more actually a sale?

Because I receive few donations, I (the developer) can't operate like a real business that sells products. To operate like a real business that sells products I will have to pay more taxes over a year than the received donations. Your donation is used to buy software licenses, new hardware, hosting costs for the website. You support the development costs with your donation and as a reward for your gratitude you receive a lifetime license that you can use on all computers that you own. There is a one time donation and you will be a registered user for all versions of all software from this website. I think this is a fair deal.

Why your software is not signed with a digital signature?

A code signing certificate from a trusted certificate authority costs some hundreds of US dollars a year. Since I receive very few donations, this is not a priority. On each product page, the SHA256 hash of the installer is published so that a user can verify if the installer is the official one.

I want to make a donation and become a registered user. What is My account area? What is there?

When you become a registered user, you receive an automated email with your credentials that will give you unrestricted access to My account section of the website. From your registered user account you can download your license data which is a block of text. If you copy this license data in the corresponding area of the program you will unlock all registered users features and also receive a special thank you mention in the About section of the software. Your login credentials are automatically sent to you by the donation script.

I am a registered user but I forgot my username/my password. How can I recover my account?

If you forgot your password, you can reset it through the recovery page. If you forgot your username, please send me an email and I will resend your login credentials. In order to identify you in the registered users database, please provide me your full name and the email address that you have used with PayPal when you became a registered user. Usually, your username is your primary email that you have defined in your PayPal account.

Where is the privacy page? What data do you collect?

There is no data collected or processed when you visit or use any of the software from this website. There is no profiling, no telemetry, no phoning home, no advertisements, no spam email, no offers, no nag screens, nothing like these. However, when you become a registered user, your name and email will be stored in a secure database for login purposes.

Where is an End User License Agreement?

Here is the EULA. If you have seen a shorter EULA, please let me know :)
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