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If you appreciate my work, you can support the software development by making a one time donation and become a registered user. You contribute to the software development costs with your donation and as a reward for your gratitude you receive a lifetime license that will unlock all features and which you can use on all computers that you own. Donations are used towards hosting costs for this website, hardware and software licenses, and also encouraging further development. Thank you for your support.

Benefits of becoming a registered user

√ You will get priority support via email.
√ You will receive unrestricted access to My account area.
√ You will unlock all features from the software which are available only for registered users.
√ You will see your name in a special thank you mention in the About section of the software.
√ You will never receive emails regarding upgrades, special offers and so on.
√ You will support the developer to continue the improvement of these programs.

How the entire process is done?

√ You need a PayPal account to make a donation. For your security, all processing is handled off-site using PayPal's high security servers. No credit card or other sensitive information is held on this website.
√ After the donation process through PayPal is finished, you have the possibility to press on the button named "Return to donations coordinator" and to be redirected back to this website to a page that will show you your registered user credentials. In the same time, the automated donation script will send you an email with the subject " - New Account Info", which will contain your registered user account details. Please check also your Spam folder. If you don't receive this email in maximum 30 minutes after you have donated, please contact me by email and I will resend manually a new email with your registered user account details.
√ From your account, as a registered user, you can download your license data which you can use on all computers that you own. The license data can be entered in the About section of the program to unlock all the features and a special thank you mention.
√ You will be able to get your license data immediately after you have donated.
√ Make a donation to to help towards the development costs. I can't guarantee it, but donating may help your karma too :)

The donation is fixed to $10 dollars