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Version - April 05, 2024 - Download

- New: Added a new setting to use the accent color as the highlight color in context menus. This is enabled by default.
- New: Added support for exporting bookmarks HTML file so that you can reimport the shortcuts to URLs back in any web browser.
- New: Added support for importing shortcuts directly from another Biniware Run configuration file.

Version - December 28, 2023

- New: Added support for using 32x32 icons. *This feature is available for registered users only.
- New: Added a new configurable toolbar for the possible actions in Shortcuts tab.
- New: The search functionality has a new implementation in Shortcuts tab. Also the global search support is now available for everyone.
- New: Added support for drag and drop an URL from Shortcuts tab back to Favorites toolbar of any web browser.
- Improved: The website titles are read now faster from the object data that is dropped instead of the website header.
- Fixed: Check for updates button does not always refresh when a file is selected for download.
- Fixed: URL files created by dropping them out of Shortcuts tab have wrong encoding with NET 8 build.
- Fixed: Website titles are not read correctly if meta charset is other than UTF-8 with NET 8 build.

Version - November 24, 2023

- New: Updated NET 7.0 build to NET 8.0.
- New: Updated requirement for NET Framework from version 4.5 (2012) to version 4.8 (2019).
- New: Use Ctrl+Drop a folder to create the entire subfolders structure and shortcuts to supported file types.
- Improved: Various actions are now async so that the UI is more responsive.
- Fixed: Website titles are not read correctly if meta charset is other than UTF-8.
- Fixed: Global search box hotkey is registered even if the license is not applied.
- Fixed: The path remains empty for LNK files defined for software packages.

Version - October 01, 2023

- New: Code refactoring for migration from NET 7 to NET 8 and ARM support in the near future.
- Fixed: Double quotes are trimmed in Parameters property when they shouldn't.

Version - September 20, 2023

- New: Added a drop type indicator for drag and drop operations.
- New: Added auto expand/collapse on drop target.
- New: Added 'Execute all contained' context menu item which executes all sub shortcuts under the selected shortcut.
- Improved: Added support for using environment variables for Parameters property.
- Improved: When dropping a LNK file, the parameters and the working folder are now also read.
- Fixed: When moving a shortcut with Shift+Up or Shift+Down it gets out of the displayed area.
- Fixed: The shortcuts tree view keyboard shortcuts don't work until at least one node is first selected and unselected.

Version - August 02, 2023

- New: The global search box was updated to remember the last position instead of opening at mouse cursor position.
- Fixed: Results are displayed out of screen if the global search box is located close to the display edge.
- Fixed: Dropping a shortcut to a file from the shortcuts tree view back to desktop or any folder moves the actual file from its original location.
- Fixed: Fixed bindings that can leak memory in certain conditions.

Version - March 07, 2023

- New: The options from Appearance tab were reorganized under the Settings tab in new sections which can be now collapsed and expanded. The expanded/collapsed state is remembered for each section.
- New: The light/dark theme can be now switched easier from a button placed on the title bar.
- New: Added possibility to exclude hidden folders and files from dynamic content.
- Improved: Hidden folders and files displayed as dynamic content are now dimmed to identify them easier.
- Improved: The user experience on how to enable the hot key for the global search box was improved.

Version - December 29, 2022

- New: Configurable auto check for updates functionality was added in the Updates tab.
- Fixed: After last update the icons for *.lnk files are not displayed correctly anymore.
- Fixed: In virtual machines, a vertical white line is displayed on the left of the Configuration window.
- Fixed: The cmd.exe process that is used by restart functionality remains started as a process until brun.exe is closed.

Version - December 26, 2022

- New: Added user interface animations for a smoother user experience.
- New: Added scaling support for the global search box. Use Ctrl+MouseWheel to modify the render size up to 300%.
- New: When using the global search box, pressing Shift+Enter will now open a search query in the default browser.
- Improved: If the configuration file contains an error during loading it is overwritten and all shortcuts may be lost. A backup copy of the file is now created to allow manual inspection and remediation of the file.
- Improved: Loading speed of dynamic content was improved by implementing an icon cache for common file types.
- Improved: The max width of the context menus was extended to accommodate more content.
- Fixed: The user interface becomes unresponsive when dealing with shortcuts to network paths, especially when these resources are offline.
- Fixed: Desktop icon fails to initialize if settings values are outside of the expected ranges.
- Fixed: When resizing Configuration window, there are some visual glitches and a background flickering.
- Fixed: Animation from About tab stops suddenly when resizing the window width.
- Fixed: Ctrl+V does not work in Shortcuts tree view when no shortcut is selected.

Version - December 12, 2022

- New: Updated NET 6.0 build to NET 7.0.
- New: The font size can be now increased up to 18 in the Appearance tab.
- Fixed: Some controls don't scale correctly when using a large font size or a higher DPI setting.
- New: Global search box that offers a quick way to find and execute any of your shortcuts.

Version - October 18, 2022

- New: The desktop icon accepts now drag and drop of new shortcuts on any level in a tree view structure.
- New: The shortcuts tree view has now highlight, scroll and auto expand support when performing a drag and drop operation.
- New: Added drag and drop support from the shortcuts tree view back to desktop or any folder or even inside a web browser.
- New: Creating a new shortcut by drag and drop of a .lnk file will create a shortcut to the target file instead of the .lnk file.
- New: Creating a new shortcut by drag and drop of a .url file will create a shortcut to the URL specified in the file instead of the .url file.
- Fixed: The titles from certain websites are empty because of a missing header in the request.
- Fixed: Some keyboard shortcuts from the tree view that use Ctrl key do not work as expected.

Version - September 27, 2022

- Fixed: Shortcut properties are displayed out of screen if the grid splitter has a custom position and the window is resized to its minimum width.

Version - May 28, 2022

- New: Added support for checking for updates for the local downloaded user manual.
- Fixed: Desktop icon popup items are displayed on two lines if the shortcut Path contains a large string.

Version - May 16, 2022

- Fixed: TextBox right click context menu items are not language localized.
- Fixed: Hyperlink foreground color does not apply properly for some languages.
- Fixed: Text wrapping for label controls does not work for some languages.
- Fixed: Fixed bindings that can leak memory in certain conditions.
- Fixed: The keyboard shortcut keys Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Enter don't work in the tree view from Shortcuts tab, only in desktop context menu.

Version - May 10, 2022

- New: Redesigned the global shortcuts definition to support more combinations.
- Fixed: Program exits when trying to change a shortcut icon but the icons folder is missing.

Version - May 05, 2022

- New: The user interface was redesigned to match better the Windows 11 theme.
- New: A custom image selector dialog was created to replace the Windows file browser dialog when selecting a custom icon for a shortcut.
- Improved: The accessibility experience was improved by providing more details for visual elements.
- Fixed: Check all combo box is enabled in Updates tab even if there is no item displayed yet.
- Fixed: The error message displayed when the check for updates fails can not be dismissed by pressing Esc key.
- Fixed: Delete confirmation dialog layout is incorrect when the window size is small.

Version - February 11, 2022

- New: The software will read and compare the loaded data with the data from the configuration file and sync them every 3 seconds. This is useful when the software is located in a OneDrive folder and is accessed from multiple places at once. Add one new shortcut on one device and it will appear on the other device too.

Version - February 04, 2022

- New: If 'Ctrl' key is pressed when executing a shortcut, all child nodes of the selected shortcut will be executed instead.
- New: Added 'Reset icon' button to easier reset a custom icon to the default one.
- New: Added 'Display file extensions' check box in Settings tab.
- Updated: Added 'What's new in recent versions' hyperlink button in Updates tab.

Version - January 16, 2022

- New: Added support to use custom ICO files besides PNG ones to customize a shortcut icon.
- Improved: Memory management was improved by handling better data binding errors.

Version - December 30, 2021

- New: Added multiple instances support for the same user account. Each instance has its own configuration and log file which are saved in the same folder, but with different names.
- New: Added keyboard access keys for the entire user interface.
- New: Added 'Restart' in the right click context menu.
- Improved: 'Open program data folder' was moved from Settings tab in the Title bar.
- Improved: The vertical scrollbar thumb width was extended to fill the entire scrollbar width.
- Improved: Tooltips displayed over trimmed content are now displayed over the trimmed control. This mechanism was extended also to the tree view.
- Fixed: Context menu scroll support does not work for root level.
- Fixed: Drag and drop support over a tree view item works only over the icon, but not over the text content.

Version - December 21, 2021

- Fixed: Shortcuts to URLs and files located in locations included in system PATH variable can't execute anymore if there is a drive which is not ready, like an empty optical drive.

Version - December 20, 2021

- New: Shortcut paths can contain now volume labels besides of volume letters. Useful for shortcuts defined for files located on removable devices which may be mounted under different volume letters.
- Improved: Memory usage improvements when loading image resources.
- Fixed: Icons are not loaded for double-quoted paths.
- Fixed: Notification tray icon is not removed when 'Auto close when a shortcut is executed' is enabled.

Version - December 10, 2021

- New: Updated NET 5.0 build to NET 6.0.
- New: Added access keys support to shortcuts context menu. Auto assign access keys is optional from Settings tab. Manual access keys can be defined by adding an underscore before any character from a shortcut name.
- Improved: Replaced some obsolete method calls with improved alternatives.
- Fixed: Configuration window does not open if Position is deleted on purpose from the configuration file.
- Fixed: Some controls have a default focus visual style which does not fit with the current user interface.

Version - November 19, 2021

- New: Loading of dynamic shortcuts is now done asynchronously which removes the short hanging of the context menu when the content is discovered.
- Fixed: Memory usage increases exponentially when opening the shortcuts context menu multiple times. This is an unintended bug introduced in version
- Fixed: Global hotkey definition only with the key modifier, like Alt+None, does not work anymore.

Version - November 1, 2021

- New: Added checkbox to disable hardware acceleration rendering. Useful for virtual machines where the UI may look wrong.
- Fixed: Program exits when changing the desktop appearance color and 'Show notification tray icon' is unchecked.

Version - October 31, 2021

- New: Added a new checkbox to show/hide the desktop icon.
- New: The notification tray icon color can be now changed.
- Fixed: Memory leak when extracting applications icons.
- Fixed: An empty 4x4 pixels context menu is displayed when no shortcuts are defined. If no shortcuts are defined, Configuration window will be displayed when trying to open the left context menu.
- Fixed: All three global hotkeys are executed when they are set to None and the user clicks on a Chrome desktop notification.
- Removed: Due to the fact that the new Color setting changes now the desktop icon color, tray icon color, taskbar icon color, Configuration window icon color, the InnerColor setting was removed and it is always transparent.

Version - October 28, 2021

- New: Added optional notification tray icon with the same context menus as the desktop icon.
- New: Added support to dynamically load the content of a folder shortcut when you open the desktop context menu.
- New: Added support to execute a context menu item that has child menu items by clicking on the menu item icon.
- Improved: Updated the visual style of the scrollbars to match Windows 11 user interface.
- Improved: The slider controls were redesigned to allow an easier user input.
- Fixed: Vertical scroll is not possible in desktop context menu that has a lot of items.
- Fixed: The desktop context menu closes automatically if the mouse pointer gets out of its area.

Version - October 18, 2021

- New: The software is now digitally signed with a code signing certificate issued on the developer's name 'Dicu Alexandru'.

Version - October 17, 2021

- New: Logging was redesigned and is now configurable from Settings tab.
- New: Added 'Exit' entry to the taskbar pinned context menu.
- Improved: Jump list icons are hard to see when a Windows light theme is used.
- Improved: Memory management optimizations.

Version - May 24, 2021

- Improved: The desktop menu popup looks different than other context menus and the theme is not updated properly.
- Improved: The context menu max width was limited to 360 pixels.

Version - May 21, 2021

- New: Updated drop action result. When drop occurs on the top part of a node, the dropped node is added as a brother node. When drop occurs in the center or lower part of a node, the dropped node is added as a child node.
- Improved: When drag and drop an URL on the desktop icon, the popup closes immediately after the drop event. A delay was added so that the node can be seen as added before the popup closes.
- Fixed: When drag and drop an URL which does not start with http:// or https://, the action fails.

Version - May 13, 2021

- New: Added a new option in Settings tab 'Auto select a new shortcut'.
- Fixed: The original 'b' icon from previous version was restored.
- Fixed: The downloaded website title is incorrect if the website is not using UTF-8 encoding.
- Fixed: Download icon is executed for local files too.

Version - May 10, 2021

- Fixed: A memory leak was fixed which prevented the Configuration window to be recycled on closing.
- Fixed: Desktop right click context menu has variable width if the root level contains only nodes with child nodes.
- Fixed: The position of the vertical grid splitter is not remembered in Shortcuts tab.
- Fixed: Underscore characters are recognized as access keys in desktop context menu.
- Improved: Readability was improved by tweaking some control colors (context menu background, menu separators, menu expanders, hyperlink buttons, disabled controls)

Version - May 1, 2021

- Fixed: When using 'Auto start at user logon' the last used language is not loaded.
- Improved: If the error logging fails, a tooltip desktop icon will be displayed with the reason.
- Improved: The error dialogs were updated to include all possible details about the error, not just a general error.

Version - April 30, 2021

- Fixed: When using 'Auto start at user logon' the app configuration is not loaded properly.
- Improved: The memory usage was reduced by unloading some unused resources.

Version - April 28, 2021

- New: The application was rewritten from scratch to be able to support dark theme and target the new .NET 5.0.
- New: Added Dark theme which includes all UI elements.
- New: Added new settings: Theme, Accent color, Font size.
- New: Added a separate color selection dialog.
- New: Added contextual help. Pressing F1 in Configuration window will open the user manual on the related topic.
- New: Added file size column in Updates tab.
- New: Added labels to the tab items.

Version - January 03, 2020

- Fixed: Due to the latest SSL improvements on the hosting server, the web installer and also the software could not connect anymore to the website to check for updates.

Version - December 05, 2019

- New: Added 'Configure' and 'User manual' entries to the taskbar pinned context menu.
- Fixed: When dropping a new file over an existing folder, the icon of the new shortcut is not loaded.

Version - November 11, 2019

- New: Added 'Select All' context menu entry for text boxes.
- New: If the error logging is enabled and the logging fails, a tooltip will be displayed next to the desktop icon.
- Fixed: Updated the logging to be multithread safe.
- Fixed: The setting 'Use text wrapping for properties values' does not extend the height of the text boxes.
- Fixed: Shortcuts dropped on the desktop icon are not persisted until the Configuration window is not closed or the desktop icon position is changed.

Version - March 20, 2019

- Fixed: Shortcuts tab doesn't display anymore if the Configuration window was closed on another tab and a shortcut was executed from the context menu.
- Fixed: A selected item from Updates tab has transparent foreground.
- Fixed: Taskbar icon is displayed even if the Configuration window is closed.
- Fixed: Run as background process does not work as expected on x86 operating systems.

Version - March 19, 2019

- New: Added global hot key that can toggle always on top property. This property applies to the desktop icon and the Configuration window.
- Improved: If the desktop icon has focus it can be accidentally closed by using Alt+F4. This possibility was removed. The process can be closed from the right click context menu or through Task Manager.
- New: Run as background process. The application will be removed the from the Alt+Tab list of processes and will appear in Task Manager in the list of 'Background processes' instead of the list of 'Apps'.

Version - March 14, 2019

- New: Added support for defining separators. Change the name of any node to - (minus) and it will be treated as a separator.
- Fixed: When a new empty shortcut is added under an existing node, it does not have the default icon.
- Fixed: Some context menu items are enabled in tree view even if their actions are not possible.
- Fixed: Visual styles (colors, borders, selection) are not always consistent.

Version - March 07, 2019

- New: Added support for using a custom icon for a shortcut, by using a PNG file from the icons subfolder.
- New: When choosing the user interface language, the language name is displayed instead of the language code.
- Fixed: When starting the application, the shortcuts icons are loaded twice, which is increasing the memory usage.
- Fixed: When deleting the last shortcut from the tree view, the shortcut is still selected even if it was removed.
- Fixed: Pressing Tab key will select some unwanted controls when using keyboard navigation.

Version - February 07, 2019

- New: Added support for 'Cut', 'Copy' and 'Paste' operations in the tree view.
- New: Added search functionality in the Shortcuts tab.
- New: The tree view context menu has now 'Expand all' and 'Collapse all' menu items.
- New: The installer was updated to download always the latest version of the software from the website.
- Fixed: If there is no shortcut defined, an empty small context menu is still displayed.
- Fixed: Some controls do not use system colors when a high contrast theme is used.
- Fixed: Some controls do not have the content set when Narrator is used.

Version - January 30, 2019

- New: Added 'Updates' tab which can be used to check and download new updates directly from the user interface.
- New: Added multi language support. New translation files can be downloaded from the 'Updates' tab. A new language can be selected from the 'Settings' tab.
- New: The software has now an online user manual located at
- Removed: The .chm user manual was discontinued.

Version - January 21, 2019

- New: The software has now an offline user manual in .chm format.
- New: Check for updates button was added in the About tab.
- New: When executing a shortcut to a website, hold SHIFT key to choose the browser on which to open it.
- Fixed: Delete confirmation dialog is displayed when pressing the Delete key, even if there is no node selected.

Version - January 15, 2019

- New: Added support for importing HTML bookmarks which were exported from web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.
- New: Added support for manual reordering the tree view nodes by drag and drop. When the dragged node is dropped, it will be inserted at the position and level where the drop occurs. To drag a node under another node which has no child nodes, press SHIFT key to add it as a child node instead of a brother node.
- New: Added right click context menu on tree view and tree view nodes.
- New: Added "Reload icons" in the tree view context menu, which will download all missing icons for all shortcuts to web sites.
- New: Added progress indicator in Configuration window to see when a background task is still processing.
- New: Added configurable setting to open the desktop icon context menu on double click instead of single click.
- New: Added option to auto close Biniware Run after executing a shortcut.
- New: Added the configuration of global hot keys in the Settings tab.
- Fixed: Dropping a bookmarks folder from Firefox crashes the software.
- Fixed: Importing shortcuts to web sites will not download the web sites icons.
- Removed: Pressing ALT key will not display the keyboard shortcuts anymore. Use right click context menu on the tree view and tree view nodes to see the associated keyboard shortcuts.

Version - January 09, 2019

- New: Added configurable global keyboard shortcut 'Ctrl+`' that will open the shortcuts context menu on mouse cursor location.
- New: Added configurable global keyboard shortcut 'Ctrl+1' that will open the Configuration window.
- New: Press and hold ALT key to display and configure keyboard shortcuts.
- New: Added support for using environment variables in 'Path' and 'Start in' properties.
- New: For files located in the PATH environment variable, it is enough to use the file name for a shortcut. For example, the path can be just 'cmd.exe' or 'notepad.exe'.
- New: Added the UAC shield icon overlay for the shortcuts which have 'Run as administrator' checked.

Version - January 05, 2019

- New: Multiple keyboard shortcuts are available in the Shortcuts tab. Check them in the right click context menu.
- New: Right click in Configuration tree view now selects the node.
- New: Added configurable confirmation for deletion of shortcuts.
- New: Added configurable text wrapping for properties values.
- New: Added configurable option for displaying tool tips on desktop icon context menu.
- New: Added support for preventing the movement of the desktop icon.
- Fixed: Dropping an URL over an existing shortcut makes the program crash if the software can't connect to read the website title.
- Fixed: Removing a node from the tree view does move the selection but the new selection is not focused.

Version - December 28, 2018

- New: The installer was updated to extract the software to 3 predefined locations from where it can be moved anywhere. The software uses now the same folder to save user settings instead of %AppData% folder and is fully portable.
- New: Added support for dropping files, folder and URLs also in the tree view control from the Configuration window.
- New: Added new property named StartIn for a shortcut which can be used to define the working directory of the file that is launched.
- New: The position and size of the Configuration window is now saved and restored. The same applies to the width of the tree view.
- New: In the Appearance tab a new 'Reset default appearance' button was added.
- New: Configuration window can stay always on top. This can be enabled or disabled from the Settings tab.
- New: The application has a new icon and identity.
- Improved: The mechanism that moves the window back to the visible area of the screen was improved for multiple monitors use.

Version - December 12, 2018

- Initial release.